Frequently asked questions

1Does landscaping add value to your home?
Studies prove that landscaping or “curb appeal” adds approximately 15% in value to a home appraisal. Outdoor living spaces such as patios, outdoor kitchens and pavilions/pergolas can add significantly more value.
2Why choose Hydroseeding over Broadcast seeding or Sod installations?
Hydroseeding provides quick germination in comparison to broadcast seeding. Water pressure from the seeding process drives the seed into the soil resulting in superior seed to soil contact which is the most important part in the seeding process. Other benefits include: minimal watering is needed in comparison to sod or broadcast installations, faster and healthier establishment due to the fertilizer and cellulose in the “slury”, hydroseeding is typically 60-80 percent less in cost than sod installations.
3Why should I choose a gas firepit over a wood burning firepit?
While the cost to install a gas firepit is substantially more upfront, the return is better for many reasons. Gas firepits add substantial value to a home as they are considered a fixed element. There is never a need to locate dry wood or chop wood to burn. Gas firepits are ready to go at the flick of a lighter or the push of a button. An often over looked benefit of a gas burning firepit is gas fire pits burn fuel cleanly and produce fewer pollutants than burning wood (almost 99% cleaner) making it a top choice for someone with asthma or breathing impairments.
4What kind of maintenance is involved in a paver patio?
Over the past number of years technology and installation techniques have evolved when it comes to maintaining pavers. Simply cleaning your paver patio is the only suggested maintenance. It is integral that your contractor is using high quality pavers and the proper joint material so that your paver patio remains maintenance free for the long haul.
5Why Should I incorporate outdoor lighting into my outdoor space?
Your outdoor living space more than likely will cost you a lot of time and money. So why not invest in something that allows your outdoor space to be used and appreciated in not only the light but also the dark? Other reasons outdoor lighting is important in the landscape include: safety/security, increased property value or “curb appeal” and extended use time of your outdoor space.